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Fitting Instructions

Intermotor and Fuel Parts Fitting Instructions

Note: Acrobat Reader is required to view some documents on this site, dowload Acrobat reader for free by clicking here. These Fitting instructions are for print purposes only.

A5 ABS Sensors1 A5 Air Temp Sensor1 A5 Air Mass Meters1 A5 Cam Crank1
Air Temp Sensor
Air Mass Meters Cam /Crank Sensor        
A5 Coil1 A5 Coolant Sensor1 Common Rail Diesel Pressure Sensors A5 Diesel Hand Primer1
Coil Coolant Sensor Diesel Common Rail Pressure Sensor Diesel Hand Primer
A5 Diesel Solenoid1 Diesel Injector SDLINJ11 A5 Direct Fit Lambda1 Diesel Pumps SDLpmp11
Diesel Solenoid Diesel Injector Direct Fit Lambda    Diesel Pumps
A5 EGR Valves1 A5 Petrol Pumps1 A5 Fuel Pump Relay1 A5 Glow Plug Relay1
EGR Valves         Fuel Pumps Fuel Pump Relay Glow Plug Relay
A5 Idle-Stepper1 A5 Knock Sensor1 A4 Lambda Sensor1 A5 Lift Pumps1
Idle-Stepper Knock Sensor Lift Pumps
A5 MAP Sensor1 A4 Throttle Potentiometer1 A4 Vacuum Pump Instructions A41  
MAP Sensor

  Throttle Potentiometer

Vacuum Pump    





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