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Air Mass Meter

The air mass meter is a critical component in today's modern vehicle. It is responsible for measuring the incoming air mass and feeding this as an electronic signal to the ECU. The ECU uses this information to calculate the exact amount of fuel and ignition timing required for the engine loading. This in turn ensures that optimum vehicle performance and emissions targets are achieved.

Air Mass MeterA faulty existing unit or poor quality replacement unit can have a severe impact on a vehicles performance and economy.

O.E quality sensors employ platinum sensor technology. Whilst many aftermarket alternatives use inferior technology and materials the SMP manufactured sensors use an in house designed platinum sensor element similar to that found in many O.E systems. This element has a proven record for long life and high performance.

Why Standard Motor Products Europe's Air Mass Sensors ? 

Although quite simple in operation the SMPE produced air mass meter is an extremely complex component. The platinum element is held at a constant temperature of 380° C. The complex electronic circuitry ensures that this temperature is maintained regardless of the volume of air entering the inlet tract thus cooling the sensor. The ECU interprets the current draw required to maintain the temperature of the sensor and so provide the appropriate injector and ignition control.

You can find our Air Mass Sensors in our online Catalogue under the Intermotor, Fuel Partsand Kerr Nelson brands.





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