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In-House Manufacturing

Switches and Sensors

Standard Motor Products Europe have been involved with the design and supply of electronic switches and sensors since 1987. Technical equipment features CAM/CAD, Digital reverse engineering measuring tools, 3D printing for rapid prototyping, Mechanical workshop, dedicated electronic circuit and software design team and a dedicated mechanical design team.

ECU Electronics Production

Standard Motor Products Europe have been involved with the remanufacturing of ECU's since 1996. Fault diagnosis and repair of ECU's involves advanced knowledge of car electronics, computerised simulation of working car electronics for each vehicle configuration covered. ECU repair requires highly advanced equipment and engineering skills.


Mass Air Flow Sensor Production

There is a growing diversity of electronic switches and sensors on vehicles due to an increasing amount of computer controlled functions. A critical Sensor in many modern vehicles associated with the air intake is the MAF (Mass Air Flow) or MAP (Manifold absolute pressure) sensor. Modern vehicle engine management systems require highly accurate signals, not just to meet emission standards but to maintain overall driveability. In cheaper alternatives the electronic signal output curves are often incorrect resulting in incorrect air to fuel ratios throught the rev range. Standard Motor Products Europe has designed a custom microprocessor controlled circuit and each MAF unit is individually programmed as part of the manufacturing process to achieve consistent signals exactly matching OE performance. SMPE considers MAF production its flagship product improving the performance of Aftermarket sensors in the market. Each unit is individually calibrated, tested and has an individual serial number related test report.

Manufacturing and Testing Key Features

- 10,000 M2 total manufacturing and warehousing
- World class technical research and development resources
- UK market leaders
- UK and worldwide manufacturing cabability
- Production of industry leading products, to meet or exceed OE quality
- Digital reverse engineering
- Mechanical workshop
- Custom design and build printed circuit boards and test/calibration equipment
- In-house bobbin design and manufacture
- Automatic solder paste printers, pick/place machines and reflow ovens
- Visual, functional and parametric end of line testing.

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