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One of the fastest growing aftermarket brands, Lemark offers value without compromise on quality. All Lemark products come at an aftermarket price, with an OE quality application, giving you the piece of mind that the vehicle owner really has received the best value.

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Warranty information

At Lemark, we Never Compromise on Quality, so nor should you!

The Lemark warranty guarantees that the part is free from defect of construction or materials used and is valid from the installation date. (Proof may be required). Warranty claims should be made via the supplying agent. It does not cover faults or failures due to an incorrectly tuned/maintained engine or as a result of modifications made that allow the engine/vehicle to operate out of normal malfunctioning limitations.

The warranty does not cover physical damage as a result of direct or indirect impact, quenching or stress due to a mounting related fault. Faults/damage as a result of fitting/installation error or failure due to negligence, accidents or mishap.