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Air Mass Meters

Air Mass Meters (Mass Airflow Sensors) are a critical component in today’s modern vehicle. Lemark are renowned as one of the most trusted brands, providing quality, dependable Air Mass Meters for any application.

  • Wire bonded to ensure durability
  • Each part supplied with a serialised test certificate
  • Each part rigorously tested to meet or exceed O.E. performance
  • In house manufacturing with custom PCB design

Product Overview:

Lemark’s O.E. quality Air Mass Meters employ platinum sensor technology. Whilst many aftermarket alternatives use inferior technology, Lemark parts contain the best materials and electronics found in many O.E. systems, giving the product a proven record for long life and high performance.

Designed and developed in the UK, each unit is individually tested and calibrated on high-tech bespoke equipment which simulates air intake across different driving conditions. Each part is supplied with its own test certificate for traceability and confidence.

With over 300 part numbers available in the range, supplied with housing or as inserts only, Lemark Air Mass Meter’s can be relied upon as the premium solution in the aftermarket.

Causes of Failure:

Contamination of the sensing element by dirt and moisture


Poor driveability and throttle response, increased fuel consumption, fluctuating idle

Also Known as:

Mass Air Flow Sensor, MAF sensor, Hot Wire Air Flow Sensor, Hot Wire Sensor, Air Flow Meter

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