SMP Europe

SMP Europe’s latest New to Range update has been released with a further 199 application numbers being added to the existing portfolio of products. This update continues to demonstrate the commitment the company has to supporting the aftermarket through investment in research and innovation to ensure our product offering meets demand. 

Our Engineering, Product and Sales teams work in unison to ensure that we stay ahead of market trends and identity gaps in our range, either through customer requests, or research into common repairs known in the industry. Our investment into the latest design and manufacturing technologies means that we are able to get products to market faster than ever before, without compromise on quality as all new applications must go through the same stringent no fault forward testing and quality control as our existing products. Customers can be confident that our products will perform to the highest standards, and that SMP Europe will continue to monitor the aftermarket to ensure the available range includes the components they need.

Highlights include 42 new Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors (EGTS), covering a wide range of vehicle manufacturers and engine types. 4 of the new EGTS have been designed to fit BMW’s Diesel-Electro systems, including those in 2.0 Litre Mini Clubman and Countryman cars.

A new Air Mass Meter is also now available in our globally recognised aftermarket range, with applications on Lexus, Suzuki and Toyota vehicle’s with 1.2, 1.8, 4.0 and 4.7 Litre petrol engines found in 4 Runner, Auris, C-HR, Corolla, Land Cruiser and Pruis models.

A full breakdown of all new part numbers added:

  • 1 Air Mass Meter (for some Lexus, Toyota and Suzuki applications)
  • 4 Brake Light Switches
  • 28 Cam/Crank Sensors
  • 2 Clutch Pedal Switches
  • 1 Diesel Pump Valve
  • 2 Electric Valves
  • 42 Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors
  • 9 Fuel Feed Units
  • 16 Ignition Coils
  • 1 In-Tank Swirl Pot
  • 3 Interior Temperature Sensors
  • 1 Oil Level Sensor
  • 73 Oxygen (Lambda) Sensors
  • 7 Speedometer Sensors
  • 1 Throttle Body
  • 8 Wheel Speed (ABS) Sensors

The full 199 part numbers are available in the Intermotor, Lemark and FuelParts brands, 198 in Kerr Nelson, and 190 in Lucas.

For more information, including pricing, availability and full vehicle application data customers should contact their designated SMP Europe sales representative or contact