SMP Europe

The IAAF (Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation) today announced that SMP Europe’s range of Manufactured EGR Valves have been Nominated for the prestigious Product of the year award.


SMP Europe introduced the range earlier this year to give aftermarket customers access to top quality product at aftermarket prices. To achieve this SMP Europe had to develop an entirely new way to produce the product, working with key partners to develop components and utilising their incredibly strong team of internal engineers to develop custom electronics only available on parts produced at their Nottingham headquarters. This combination has allowed SMP Europe to create a truly unique product which ensures quality at every step.

In order to ensure reliability each and every manufactured EGR which leaves the production line is individually calibrated & tested on custom built machinery. The peace of mind this affords customers is second to none as the serialised Pass certificate is included with the product in the box. SMP Europe operates a ‘No fault forward’ policy which means that any product which does not pass at this final stage is removed from the production line.

This attention to detail across all its products allows SMP Europe to operate to incredibly low warranty return rates and emphasises its continued commitment to quality and engineering.

Marketing Director Martin Turner said,

“We are so incredibly proud to have been nominated for this incredible award, we have always known our engineering team are fantastic but to see that recognised in our industry by the IAAF is really exciting. The EGR Valves we have produced have had an enormous impact in the market and we are continuing to develop further parts all the time to complement the fantastic start we have had.”

For further information on SMP Europe and its EGR Valve Range visit the SMP Europe Web Site or email