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Distributor Caps

Generating a spark when the key is turned, which then ignites the fuel mix and powers your car, the Distributor Cap is a key component in the ignition sequence. Despite being a relatively simple product, Lemark take great care in ensuring that our Distributor caps meet or exceed the standards set by other products in our ignition range.

  • Designed with over 50 years’ experience in ignition systems
  • Manufactured using high standard materials to ensure long life
  • Tested in-house to meet or exceed OE Standards

Product Overview:

Lemark Distributor Caps protect the Ignition Distributor’s internal components, fitting over the Rotor on the Distributor and routing high voltage to the spark plugs. Containing one outlet per cylinder plus a central post to connect the Ignition Coil. Ignition Leads connect to the Distributor Cap’s outlets to transfer voltage to the Spark Plugs.

As a component that will eventually require maintenance or replacement due to susceptibility to vibration and heat Lemark have used over 50 years of manufacturing experience in ignition combined with modern engineering practices to develop a range that can better withstand these high demands and ensure longevity of life.

Causes of Failure:

Wear and tear, cracks around outlets leading to arcing and tracking to earth.


Misfire or non-start

Also Known as:

Dizzy Cap, Cap

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