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Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors

Lucas Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors provide a reliable solution to a recognised high failure part in modern exhaust systems.

  • Developed using the latest sensory technology
  • Manufactured to withstand harsh operating environment and extend service life
  • Tested to meet or exceed OE Standards

Product Overview:

Measuring the Exhaust Gas Temperature, these sensors relay back to the ECU where appropriate action is taken to protect key components in the engine. In Diesel engines EGTS are used to monitor the temperature of the DPF to establish optimal regeneration settings, reducing emissions. It is not uncommon for vehicles to have multiple sensors fitted to the exhaust system, one prior to the turbocharger, on prior to the DPF and one after the particulate filter.

Lucas testing has identified the main causes for failure to be vibration and heat, which is why our components are designed and manufactured to avoid damage and contamination in the harsh operating environment.

Causes of Failure:

Corrosion, Contamination, Impact Damage


Loss of Performance, Damage to Related Components

Also Known as:


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