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Fuel Vapour Valves

It is thought that 80% of Ford DPF problems can be directly linked to the failure of Fuel Vapour Valves, which is why Intermotor has developed our own OE range.

  • Designed to eliminate clogging
  • Manufactured using high standard materials to ensure long life
  • OE Range
  • Provides efficient diesel distribution and low back pressure

Product Overview:

Intermotor’s OE FVVs are electronically heated glow plugs that evaporate the diesel fuel, then inject it into the exhaust gas stream directly before the DPF. The FVV incinerates particulate matter without oil dilution and requires no additional cooling, helping to improve fuel economy and CO2 emissions. It also enables more frequent DPF regeneration with low load conditions and when idling, allowing for an extended operating range.

Compared to injectors, Intermotor FVVs require less mixing length with easy installation and replacement for technicians. No special tools are required.

Causes of Failure:

Nozzle Clogging, Soot Build Up


DPF Failure, Poor Driveability

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