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Gearbox Speed Sensors

Measuring the speed of the gearbox and providing feedback on RPM Lucas’s range of Gearbox Speed Sensors are among the most accurate and high quality in the market.

  • Tested in house at state of the art UK facility
  • OE quality range of components
  • Accurate and reliable

Product Overview:

Lucas’s range of Gearbox Speed Sensors provide high quality monitoring to ensure correct ignition timing, relaying information to the vehicle’s ECU. Lucas’s solution includes Inductive and Hall Effect Sensor’s, applicable to a vast number of vehicles.

Inductive Sensors:

Rotational movement of the gear is measured using a magnet and coil detecting the position of the teeth. As they move, the magnetic field fluctuates and coil voltage is induced. This information is relayed to the ECU as a waveform signal (AC)

Hall Effect Sensors:

These sensors create a digital signal, on or off as the teeth of the gear wheel pass the sensor. Signal amplitudes are largely independent of the speed and distance from the geal wheel which gives this type of sensor an advantage over inductive types.

Causes of Failure:

Mechanical damage, Damage to the Encoder Wheel, Damage to Internal Circuits, Interruption in connections to the ECU, Corrosion


Non-Start, Rough Idle, Stalling, Loss of Power

Also Known as:

Transmission Speed Sensor

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