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Ignition Leads

Intermotor’s range of Original Equipment Fit Ignition Leadsets is designed to meet or exceed OE performance standards.

  • Full silicone programme, F class cable (-40 to +250° Celsius)
  • Copper, Resistive & Inductive wire wound cable technologies available
  • OE Style Silicone Spark Plug boots
  • Dedicated terminals/connectors to distributer side

Product Overview:

Ignition Leads carry the high voltage spark from the Ignition Coil to the Spark Plugs. In older vehicles this is done via an Ignition Distributor, with newer vehicles using Multi-Outlet Coils with Ignition Leads connected directly to the Spark Plugs. Intermotor Ignition Leads utilise a Copper or Glass Fibre core using either Silicon Insulation or Wire Windings to help suppress radio signals.

Ignition Leads have become more engine specific over time, with differing boot styles for each engine to fit the cylinder head, Intermotor’s market leading product development programme regularly updates the portfolio to ensure that we have the correct offering of sets and fitments.


Poor quality spark, misfire, starting issues, driveability issues

Also Known as:

HT Leads, ignition cable, plug leads, ignition wires

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