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Oxygen Sensors

Lemark provides high quality solutions for Oxygen (Lambda) Sensors, all manufactured to the highest possible standards to ensure clean efficient combustion.

  • Clean Efficient Combustion
  • Comprehensive range of OE style Zirconia and Titania Sensors for over 3500 applications
  • Tested to meet or exceed OE Standards

Product Overview:

Lemark Oxygen Sensors measures oxygen content in the exhaust relaying the information back to the ECU to ensure optimal mix is maintained throughout operation for efficient combustion.

Manufactured with a stainless-steel shell that reduces rusting and provides greater dependability. The centre ceramic element is composed of Zirconium Oxide, Alumina and Yttrium Oxide. The platinum coating is applied using vapour deposition to ensure an even application, whilst a Spinel coating on the outer Platinum layer prevents solid particles in the exhaust gas from damaging the component. All Lemark sensors go through 100% testing, to ensure the highest possible quality standards are maintained.

Causes of Failure:

Contamination, Heater Failure, Impact Damage


Incorrect Mixture Control, Poor Driveability, High Emissions

Also Known as:

O2 Sensor, Lambda Sensor, HEGO Sensor, UEGO Sensor, Planar Sensor, Exhaust Gas Sensor

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