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Pick Up Coils

Lemark Pick Up Coils accurately and reliably monitor distributor rotation to trigger the ignition sequence with optimal timing.

  • Designed with over 50 years’ experience in ignition systems
  • Manufactured using high standard materials to ensure long life
  • Tested to meet or exceed OE Standards

Product Overview:

Commonly found on traditional electronic distributor ignition systems, acting as the trigger for the ignition to produce a spark. Lemark Pick Up Coils monitor the rotation of the distributor and trigger the system with optimal timing. Tested to meet or exceed OE standards, Lemark Pick Up Coils can be relied upon for a long service life at the core of the ignition system.

Causes of Failure:

Heat and Vibration damage


Non-Start, Misfire, Engine Stalling

Also Known as:

Ignition Sensor, Ignition Pulse Sensor, Distributor Pick-Up

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