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Starter Solenoid

Converts electrical current from the ignition circuit to electromagnetic force, pulling the core of the solenoid into contact with the battery and starter motor.

  • Designed with over 50 years’ experience in ignition systems
  • 50 Years of experience in ignition systems
  • Tested to meet or exceed OE Standards

Product Overview:

A small but powerful component Intermotor Starter Solenoids power up the moving parts of the engine long enough for the ignition to take over. As with all Intermotor products, testing is conducted in house to ensure reliability and efficiency over a long active life, protected with a generous warranty from the date of installation.

Causes of Failure:

Vibration or Heat Damage, Contact burn out


Non-Start, Starter Motor not disengaging, Clicking noise

Also Known as:

Solenoid Switch

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