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VVT Solenoids

Variable Valve Timing Solenoids made by Intermotor feature high quality components designed to avoid known causes of failure and extend service life.

  • Designed with 50 years’ experience
  • Manufactured using high standard materials to ensure long life
  • Tested at state of the art UK facility to meet or exceed OE Standards

Product Overview:

VVT Solenoids can fail due to low engine oil levels or irregularly changed oil filters. To ensure optimal performance Intermotor VVTs are manufactured to remain reliable and accurate in the harshest of operating conditions and expect a long service life, backed up by a generous warranty.

Causes of Failure:

Contamination, Internal Failure


Poor Engine Performance, Reduced Fuel Economy

Also Known as:

VVT Valve, Cam Adjustment Solenoid, Inlet/Outlet Cam Solenoid

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