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Wheel Speed Sensors

Combining high quality materials with dependable electronics, Intermotor’s Wheel Speed Sensors provide a reliable signal to the ECU for use in the Anti-Lock Braking System, Traction Control and Stability Control Systems, optimizing driving experience and road safety.

  • Corrosion resistant to ensure reliable ABS signal
  • Passive and Active Sensors in Range
  • Tested to meet or exceed OE Standards

Product Overview:

Intermotor Wheel Speed Sensors are rigorously tested to ensure they meet or exceed OE expectations and withstand extreme temperatures and road conditions.

The Anti-lock Braking System relies on Wheel Speed Sensors to prevent skidding and loss of control under hard braking. The fast and accurate data feedback that Intermotor sensors provide contribute to safety, comfort, driving dynamics, fuel saving and reduced emissions.

Causes of Failure:

Corrosion, Suspension and Steering Movements


Ineffective Braking, Traction Control

Also Known as:

ABS Sensor

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