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Diesel Components

The majority of new cars supplied into Europe are now fitted with a diesel engine. Virtually every light diesel vehicle made since 1997 has been fitted with an electronic diesel system.

Diesel Vac PumpWhy Standard Motor Products Europe's Diesel Products ?

SMPE's unique position in the aftermarket engine management system enables us to service the rapidly growing diesel spares market. The variety of diesel parts that SMPE are able to offer range from the traditional mechanical injection systems through to full diesel engine management system spares including (but not limited to);

  • - Stop solenoids
  • - Hand primers
  • - Filter bowls and water traps
  • - Anti theft devices
  • - One way valves
    • - Blanking plugs
    • - Filters
    - Vacuum Pumps
  • - New or reconditioned distribution pumps
  • - New or reconditioned injectors
  • - Electronic sensors
  • - Supply pumps and assemblies
  • - Fast idle devices

…… And more

SMPE's diesel range is available in the following brands; Fuel Parts, Intermotor and Wellman



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