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Ignition Leads

Why SMP Europe Ignition Leads ?

The Standard Motor Products range of Original Equipment Fit ignition lead sets contains over 875 references, making it the most comprehensive range of OE fit sets available.

Ignition LeadsDesigned to meet or exceed OE performance standards, the leads are manufactured our facility in Poland. The majority of sets are manufactured using 7mm or 8mm full silicone and copper core cable, however the range also includes 5mm cable O.E sets to cover the Japanese and Korean vehicle parc.

  • O.E Quality for reliability and fit

    All ignition leads are manufactured using the latest computer aided design methods. All materials and processes used conform to ISO International specifications ISO3808/1, ISO 3808/2, ISO 6856 and European Legislation CEE/72-245.

    Double silicone cable is used for maximum radio suppression, resistance to temperature, water and oil degradation and chemical attack. All terminals are machine crimped to ensure strong and reliable connections. All spark plug boots and terminal covers are moulded from silicone to give a water tight seal.

    The product is extensively tested. These tests include "pull off" tests, both hot and cold, to check that all terminals and connections are satisfactory and a hi-voltage saline solution immersion test to check for current seepage. them and forget them

SMPE's Ignition leads are available in the Intermotor, Highvolt and Electrospark brands.








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