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Lambda Sensors

Why SMP Europe Lambda Sensors ?

A lambda or oxygen sensor relays information to the ECM using the oxygen content in the exhaust which enables the ECM to control the air/fuel mixture for efficient combustion. SMP sensors undergo 100% testing, ensuring better quality, increased confidence, and improved performance. In addition, SMP Europe sensors are thermally conditioned, burning off any contaminants to prolong unit life and performance.

Lambda SensorManufactured with a stainless steel shell that reduces rusting and provides greater dependability. The centre ceramic element is composed of Zirconium Oxide, Alumina and Yttrium Oxide.

  • The platinum coating is applied using vapor deposition to ensure an even application.
  • A Spinel coating on the outer platinum layer prevents solid particles in the exhaust gas from damaging the platinum coating.

SMPE manufactures a comprehensive programme of OE style Zirconia and Titania Oxygen Sensors covering over 3500 vehicle applications. Available in single, twin, three and four wire versions to suit the application. SMPE Oxygen Sensors are made to extremely high standards to ensure they match OE performance criteria. In addition to its Original Equivalent products, SMP also offers a Universal Oxygen Sensor range designed to provide an extremely economical solution, with only minimal installation work required, plus a universal system comprising just 4 Ziconia Sensors plus 74 adaptor leads. This system provides an OE style solution for the aftermarket without the need to hold large stocks of individual parts

You can find our Lambda Sensors in our online Catalogue under the Intermotor, Fuel Parts and Kerr Nelson brands.





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